The Next Big Thing: Viewing Technology + Innovation through the Sustainability Lens

The Next Big Thing: Viewing Technology + Innovation through the Sustainability Lens

Our planet is undergoing radical environmental changes. Sustainable living has now been put into question through our actions - consumption habits, loss of biodiversity, depletion of resources, which speaks highly of our misuse. The current levels of consumption of water and energy are unsustainable, inequitable, and inaccessible to the majority of people. Today, now more than ever, it is important to understand and achieve sustainability, in unison, and then only will we reap positive victory.

Taking charge

But that said, some organizations have taken the issue very seriously and does merit highlighting. Kudos to the Founder/CEO Mr. Deepak Garg of Smart Energy Water (SEW). The company strives for sustainability for thousands of its customers globally. This is the vision on which the company laid its foundation back in 2012, and 8 years later, SEW is working stronger than ever to save energy and water, while empowering billions of people to join in on their endeavor.

"We cannot live without water. We cannot innovate without power." - Deepak Garg, Founder/CEO, Smart Energy Water (SEW).

Check his interview conducted by Zpryme research, which covers questions such as the nexus of energy and water, WE3 movement, and what drives the SEW family. In the video he talks about his start in programming to the human condition, and how energy gives Deepak’s life meaning.
Ripple sustainability efforts

The key to achieving sustainability is to make sure that the organization provides its customer with an opportunity to participate. This requires constant innovation and technology interference. It means using the latest technologies to continuously reinvent ways to engage customers and that is what SEW’s efforts are all about. With its unmatched technology prowess to ideate, innovate, engineer, develop, implement- SEW is best positioned to bring the change we need, at the scale we need it.

The paradigm shift of markets toward sustainability cannot be ignored anymore. People can now buy sustainable products, eat sustainable foods, and have sustainable accommodations. While ‘Going Green’ is a good step, the journey towards sustainability is miles away. With every chime of the clock, our energy and water resources are diminishing. This needs to be addressed at the grass-root level. And SEW is doing just that. Educate. Empower. Engage every individual on earth to accelerate behavioral change and join hands in our pursuit to save energy and water, through the power of innovation and digital technologies.

Energy and water providers are poised to lead sustainability with SEW

SEW’s Sustainability efforts driven by Deepak’s vision does not stop with building and offering digital platforms. With energy and water providers playing an increasingly large role in the attainment of global sustainability, it is imperative to involve them and get sustainability right and certify what is being done will ensure sustainability well into the future.

By partnering with tech-giants, conservationists, energy and water advocates, the government, policymakers, and most importantly the energy and water providers, SEW is leading the sustainability charge with its WE3 Summit. The summit provides a single platform for global thought leaders who are embracing change and defining the dent we should put in our water-energy future, by focusing on the intersection of sustainable transformation, investment, innovative technology, and regulation for our economic recovery. Virtually taking place December 9 - 10, 2020, attendees will experience two unique days dedicated to discussing the need to modernize business models, reshape policies, and ignite a spirit of innovation needed to empower the water-energy transformation.

RSVP at Consumers and sustainability - Need of the hour, herein

Connecting with consumers is not only essential for business success but also vital to deliver on sustainability goals. Sustainability has become a powerful value proposition for increasingly conscious consumers. These consumers are becoming much more conscious of the positive difference they can make through their everyday choices. So, organizations need to make sure that their customers are engaged by their ambitious drive to contribute toward sustainability.

We can help

SEW is leading the way to combine customer engagement and sustainability through its digital platform. The platform has a clear purpose - help tackle energy and water scarcity, along with meeting consumer needs, and actively empowering them with information that enables them to contribute to saving energy and water. Helping customers offset the impact of their day-to-day usage habits can prove to be highly beneficial for an organization’s sustainability effort.

What the best part of contributing to global sustainability? It makes us a part of the solution. It shows that we are aware of the environmental issues facing our society and are taking measures to contribute. And when done unanimously, it would be a collective win - for the planet and our future!