Our Response to COVID-19

The challenges of today are much different from what we would have anticipated in the past. The spread of coronavirus, across the globe, has impacted nearly all facets of our lives. And, as the situation evolves, we continue to learn something new each day. These unprecedented times, test how we step-up to the occasion and leverage technology not just to navigate change but build resilient businesses. At Smart Energy Water, we firmly believe in the power of technology and how it can act as - a phoenix and lead us to a better and safer world. At the heart of our operations, lie the core fundamentals of digital, driving the change. In times like this, when essentials services are core to societal fabric, we feel proud in assisting and partnering with utilities across the globe and help them ride through the crisis, unscathed. We are well-positioned to build future resilient utilities, powered by digital to not only serve their communities better but also manage daily operations and handle remote workforce. We are actively responding to the situation, following our company ethos to engage, educate, and empower all our stakeholders- clients, partners, employees, and the communities we serve.

We are committed to manage the novel challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, striving to protect the health and upheld wellbeing for all.

Stronger, Together

Meeting our commitments is a top priority, and with our teams distributed and equipped globally, we are well connected to deliver. We espouse the power of digital in times like these, and we are collaborating seamlessly across functions to meet our client and partner requirements. As part of our business continuity plans, we are confident in our systems and processes ability to handle our remote employees, and we are well prepared to maintain high-quality deliverables and support.

Our employees are our strength, and their health is of paramount importance to us. We proactively minimized employee travel and had our global teams working remotely to ensure social distancing. Our work from home guidelines is to ensure maximum employee productivity and collaboration. The virtual meetings have replaced the in-person meetings, and we have forbidden any large gatherings. We are abiding by the government directives to contain the spread of the coronavirus and are actively monitoring the latest advisories being rolled out.

Our utility clients can be rest assured of our platform performance. Our skilled teams have your back to help you deliver the best customer services and workforce management, today and every day. We are bringing additional focus on communication, coordination, and partnership with our clients to help them succeed. And, to achieve excellence amidst COVID-19, we are also grateful to our partners who share the same passion for service delivery and customer success.

In hindsight, the current scenario will be looked upon as a novel opportunity for utilities to lead with digital. From bill payments, usage tracking, outage management, service request handling, remote workforce collaboration, etc., technology today has redefined the mode of utility operations and secured them against any potential service disruptions.

We stand together, with all our stakeholders, to emerge stronger than ever.

If you have questions or concerns, we encourage you to reach out to us via email <>.