Through Thick and Thin, Thank your Utility Provider

Through Thick and Thin

Thanking Utility Providers

What does 2020 mean for you? Other than a synonym for disruption, it has shown us the power and need for gratitude. For reverence towards often overlooked-taken-for-granted services. And in this stride, we are proclaiming our love for utilities.

Yes, we love our utilities. For they stand by us through thick and thin; shower us with unwavering support; overcome all the obstacles to make sure our lights are kept on, and water supply keeps running.

They are core to the societal fabric for a reason—oxygen to modern-day life.

Imagine going out of power or water supply for an hour. Manageable. How about a day? Or a week? Or a month? Unimaginable! This is the quantum of their responsibility. They work endlessly, so that their customers can carry on with other activities and keep on living a healthy life.

They are the background orchestra, playing behind the curtains so that people can put on a great show.

Now is time to thank them.

Even as we navigate our way through the pandemic, the global community has been battling some of the most pressing global sustainability challenges. Aside from providing unencumbered utility services and managing all forms of service disruptions, in the race to save our precious resources, we know who is carrying the mantle? Among other players, it is the global energy, water, and gas providers in the lead.

It is in these utilities' hands to connect billions of people and spur a global movement, unite humanity to take significant steps.

We need to thank them for owning and leading the challenge. Ever wondered how they do it?

Through Thick and Thin, Thank your Utility Provider

Here are some steps they have taken.

With the aid of digital platforms and its reach to connect people, these providers are changing human behavior, making sure every individual has the power and means to save energy and water. From switching to clean energy alternatives to spreading awareness, utilities are undertaking the sustainable transformation; moving from sellers of commoditized product to becoming energy & water advisors.

They are leveraging new-age technologies to reduce the reliance on age-old sources of energy. They are asking consumers to shift consumption, enroll in efficiency/savings programs, replace with efficient options and the list goes on.

Through Thick and Thin, Thank your Utility Provider

Now thinking of the field workers- the everyday warriors. Amidst the pandemic, they have worked tirelessly while staking their lives. With their service, the utility field workforce is supporting the modern-day homes, businesses, governments, and touching nearly every facet of our lives.

Come what may. Be it natural disasters, pandemics, or other emergencies; these front- line warriors are at service. Winning all our admiration and love.

Through Thick and Thin, Thank your Utility Provider What’s Next

Incredible ideas are slow to be adopted, but as they spread, the result is a revolution. It all starts with one idea, which grows linearly and then explodes exponentially.

It is not just our idea but a mission to help support global utilities, and we love them for their work.

We are proud to be associated, as we equip these lifeline providers with intelligent platforms to seamlessly carry out their responsibilities. Whether it is servicing customers better, dealing with service disruptions, managing the remote workforce, unlocking new streams of operational efficiencies, or doing every bit to promote global sustainability. We have their back, and we will continue to support them in their endeavors.

As we innovate and bring new-age technologies such as AL, ML and IoT to everyday utility operations, we are transforming the not just customer and workforce experiences but changing the way, world consumes energy, water, and gas.

Check out how we help and drop a note to us!

Let us keep on connecting people to save our community and take on the challenge of advancing global sustainability while always loving our utilities.