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Exclusive Customer Service Chatbot

SEW's Smart Chatbot is powered by AI to provide intelligent and humanized responses for customer queries across multiple digital channels.

Specially built for the utility industry, covering over 1,000+ use cases, handling 1,000,000+ interactions a day, the chatbot is equipped for deep learning, continuously training from data and delivering accurate resolutions.

With the chatbot, energy and water providers can establish deeper and stronger customer relationships and drive digital self-service.

A Sneak-Peak into SEW’s AI Chatbot

8 Reasons Why You Need

New AI Ally

Trained on Billions of Global Utility Customer Interactions

Powered by Advanced AI, ML and NLP Algorithms

Trusted by Leading Utilities Across the Globe

Successfully Handling Million+ Transactions

Real-Time Multi-Channel Interactions (Web/ Native Mobile/ IVR/ Text/ CRM)

Leverage RPA for Process Orchestration to Address Customer Issues

Vertically Pre-Integrated with 100+ ERP Systems

Single Intent and Multi-Intent Conversation Support

CX Innovation

Intelligent and Personalized Customer Experience

Enhance your customer engagement and streamline interactions with our AI-powered Chatbot, designed to deliver a highly personalized and intelligent customer experience. The chatbot is tailored to understand and adapt to individual user needs, making every interaction more relevant and impactful.

Encourage predictive and prescriptive communication

Enable cross-platform interactions via laptop, tablet, smartphone or smartwatch

Promote digital self-service and personalized, humanized interactions

Enable single intent and multi-intent conversation support

Offer multi-lingual conversation support for diverse customer base

Advanced AI Algorithm

Super Intelligent AI and Data Engineering Masterpiece

From proprietary vertical AI models to AI-powered reporting and dashboard, our chatbot can redefine operational efficiency while ensuring personalized service on every interaction.

Leverage proprietary vertical AI models tailored to utility industry needs

Utilize AI Studio to precisely map processes and optimize workflows

Implement AI-driven decision tree updates for proactive decision-making and personalized responses

Offer AI-based reporting and dashboards for informed customer interactions

Ensure AI model accuracy through comprehensive reporting mechanisms

Enable constant AI model updates local and regional AI settings

Industry Use Cases

Tailored Expertise for Utility Industry

Our AI chatbot, specifically tailored for the utilities sector, revolutionizes how energy and water providers engage with their customers. With features designed to address the unique needs of this industry, the chatbot enhances customer service, facilitates utility management, and optimizes user interaction.

Embedded with built-in domain intelligence

Equipped with deep-learning and automated workflows

Faster query resolution with 24x7 customer support

High standards in response accuracy and customer interaction

Capability to handle a large volume of queries simultaneously

Customer Service Excellence

Transforming Customer Service with AI

Our AI chatbot is transforming customer service for utilities by not only meeting but exceeding the evolving expectations of both customers and service agents. The chatbot acts as the first line of service agents and addresses customer queries with exceptional accuracy, freeing up the bandwidth of your service agents to concentrate on more intricate tasks.

Elevate agent experience with real-time data and insights

Reduce cost to serve and customer call volumes

Enhance contact center efficiency and improved agent utilization

Increase customer retention and reduce customer churn

Increase operational efficiency through improved call resolution

Solving for Customer Engagement

How NiSource is Leveraging Digital Self-Service & Humanized AI Platforms by SEW

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The SEW Advantage

Increased Customer Service Cost Savings

Omnichannel, Personalized Experience

24x7 Automated Customer Support

Built-in Domain Intelligence

AI-led, Data-Driven Accurate Responses

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Chatbots use artificial intelligent (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to simulate human conversation, offering utilities the ability to provide quick support, automate tasks, and enhance customer experience.

Vertical-specific chatbot is trained in the language and challenges of a particular field, like utilities. It addresses industry-specific needs like billing, outage reporting, and energy management. The chatbot is deeply integrated across the utility ecosystem, offers domain expertise, richly packed with industry use cases and aims to improve customer experiences and operational efficiency in the utility sector.

Utilities can benefit from improved customer satisfaction, streamlined operations, gain deeper insights into customer needs and preferences, deliver personalized experiences to their customers, to name a few.

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