Bringing People into the Grid Equation

AI-Powered Energy Transactive Platform

SEW’s SmartGX is an AI and blockchain platform connecting energy customers to a marketplace where they can contribute to the grid and promote clean energy.

The platform optimizes grid operations, empowers energy users, enhances demand response, and integrates distributed energy resources (DERs). It facilitates two-way energy exchange, accessible via web and mobile, offering secure transactions and instant financial rewards.

As consumers adopt DERs like solar panels and EVs, they transition to prosumers, aiding clean energy production, lowering costs, and enhancing grid resilience. Utilities benefit by leveraging flexible local power to reduce peak demand and manage infrastructure costs.

Industry's #1 Vertical Integrated SmartGX Platform
Empowering a Clean Energy Future with AI Innovation

Clean Energy and Sustainability

A convergence of innovative technologies, environmental imperatives, and evolving consumer behaviour is reshaping the future of electric grids. Partnering to accelerate the urgent shift from fossil fuels to renewables, building awareness, and promoting equitable access to clean energy, we ensure our platform drives clean energy and sustainability goals for providers.

Prosumer Empowerment

With the rise of energy prosumers, who generate their own energy through solar panels and other Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), there is a clear shift towards a more decentralized and distributed energy system. Our customer-centric approach brings the grid and consumers closer together by integrating DERs and facilitating a two-way energy exchange. This supports demand response strategies and balances energy supply with consumption, empowering users towards energy efficiency.

Consumer Behavioral Change

Seize the opportunity to influence behavior change with our AI-powered platform. By offering rewards, loyalty programs and financial compensation tied to reduced energy consumption, our platforms enable energy providers to motivate consumers to embrace sustainable habits, contributing to lower emissions and overall energy conservation.

eMobility and Advanced Energy Solutions

As eMobility gains momentum, our technology ensures that both consumers and utilities are equipped to handle the evolving demands of electric vehicle integration. Enhancing grid responsiveness and efficiency supports the seamless adoption of eMobility solutions, aligning with modern transportation needs and contributing to environmental sustainability.


AI Powered Energy Transactions

SmartGX represents a paradigm shift in how energy consumers and prosumers engage within the utility ecosystem. With features designed to optimize energy efficiency and facilitate the transition to clean energy, the platform empowers users to engage in a two-way energy flow with their utility and contribute directly to the grid.

Empower customers with digital self-service to manage their energy needs

Offer customized rebates and programs that incentivize clean energy adoption

Seamlessly integrate distributed energy sources (DERs) into the grid

Provide a Digital Marketplace for accessing energy-efficient products and appliances

Empower customers to manage their energy consumption and spending efficiently



Rewarding Clean Energy Choices

With an intelligent rewards and rebates, our AI-powered platform promotes demand response and cultivates eco-conscious behaviors, empowering consumers to make sustainable choices.

Analyze and optimize energy usage based on customer behavior and usage patterns

Provide energy saving tips to customers on energy efficiency practices

Establish a credibility score system to recognize customers for sustainable energy practices

Reward customers for adopting energy-efficient behaviors with financial incentives

Deliver multichannel notifications to keep customers informed about energy-related updates



Mastering Demand Response and Grid Load Management

Optimize grid load management effortlessly with SmartGX, specially designed to empower consumers to actively participate in demand response and energy-saving initiatives. Equipped with advanced energy management capabilities, our platform ensures seamless navigation through peak and off-peak hours, ensuring grid stability and reliability.

Offer Time-of-Use (TOU) rate plans for flexible pricing based on peak and off-peak hours

Implement strategies to efficiently manage peak demand and reduce strain on the grid

Enhance capacity through grid infrastructure upgrades to meet growing energy demands

Engage customers in intelligent demand response programs during peak periods

Target and incentivize customers with personalized programs and rate plans that encourage smarter energy use



Enabling Energy Transition with EV Management

Harness the potential of a dynamic two-way energy exchange with our platform, leveraging AI and blockchain technology. The digital platform facilitates seamless interactions between consumers and the grid, integrating microgrid capabilities and electric vehicles (EVs) to ensure a resilient and efficient energy future.

Comprehensive energy and EV management to monitor and optimize electric vehicle EV charging

Facilitate the initiation of energy events with real-time demand and supply insights

Integrate microgrid solutions to enhance energy resilience and efficiency

Implement smart contracts to ensure secure and transparent energy transactions

Assess and quantify greenhouse gas (GHG) impact for environmental sustainability


Building the AI Powered Intelligent and Connected Energy Ecosystem


Connected and Empowered Customer

Hear from SmartGX Platform Users

Right from the start, when we installed the panels, my question was 'Can we give to the grid?'. And now we're doing it and we're getting reimbursed. This is great.

The app has been like a game for us, we chat about it often to check how much we have saved, and then we exchange screenshots.

Our neighbors were quite impressed and want to be involved.

The SmartGX Advantage

Empower customers with greater energy choices, control and autonomy

Incentivize customers to adopt clean energy technologies

Aid development of infrastructure to enable the adoption of renewable resources

Foster economic growth within the cleantech industry


Digital platforms have become transformative tools, offering unparalleled accessibility and scalability. Accessible through web and mobile interfaces, these platforms accommodate the diverse needs of users and serve as educational tools to drive consumer awareness and foster resource-conscious behavior. Through these platforms, consumers can also participate in energy saving initiatives, manage rebate programs, purchase energy-efficient appliances, and engage in demand response programs.

A Transactive Energy platform empowers customers to participate in an energy marketplace with their utility. Through this platform, energy consumers can utilize their distributed energy resources (DERs) and engage in a two-way energy flow with their utility. Leveraging blockchain and AI technology, transactions are automated, thereby strengthening and making the power grid more reliable and enhancing energy efficiency.

Blockchain technology helps Energy Transactive platforms by keeping a secure and transparent record of energy transactions. It enables automated processes and smart contracts, fostering trust among participants and reducing the reliance on intermediaries, ultimately enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.