Water Conservation

Fostering a Culture of Water Conservation to Drive Global Sustainability

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Building a Water-Secure Future with Digital Platforms

Our innovative digital platforms offer a gamut of capabilities, from personalized water savings programs to AI-powered dashboards, so that water providers can accelerate water conservation efforts.

  • Allow customers to monitor and analyze their water usage on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.
  • Leverage customer behavioral insights to encourage water savings and offer personalized savings programs to all customer segments.
  • Allow customer enrollment for high usage alerts. Send notifications directly on their preferred mode of communications.
  • Empower customers to proactively report water wastages and leakages through the portal and mobile app
  • Give access to detailed home water reports which serve as an insightful document for customers to help save water
  • Allow customers to compare water use with similar households. Give them insights such as how their water use compares to the average and the most efficient neighbors.

Platform Benefits

  • Achieve Water Conservation Goals
  • Better Manage Water Wastes
  • Offer Personalized Water Saving Programs
  • Proactively Inform Customer of Leakages