Building an Intelligent

Retail Energy


Digital Platforms for Efficient Energy Management and Energy Retail Services

Driving Energy Transformation with AI

Personalized Energy Experiences
Personalized Energy Experiences:

Customers are demanding personalized energy interactions. We empower energy retailers with customer-centric platforms to provide real-time usage data, personalized

energy-saving tips, convenient account management, smart home and devices management, value-added services and much more.

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Consumer Empowerment
Consumer Empowerment

Consumers demand choices and control. Our digital platform allows energy retailers to meet customer demands, build effective customer

engagement and omnichannel customer support and the needs of a new energy systems that is intelligent and interconnected.

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Renewable and Clean Energy Integration
Renewable and Clean Energy Integration

The integration of renewable and clean energy sources is critical to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing climate

change. We offer advanced technologies to connect renewable energy sources to the grid, manage the variability of renewable energy sources, and optimize energy storage.

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EV Charging and Energy Storage
EV Charging and Energy Storage

The adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is growing rapidly, and energy storage is becoming increasingly important for ensuring grid

stability. We empower energy retailers to use innovative solutions to manage EV charging infrastructure, optimize the use of energy storage, and manage the impact of EVs on the grid.

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Smart Demand Response
Smart Demand Response

Our AI platform delivers personalized demand response and energy efficiency with real-time insights. From intuitive energy

management to value-added services, we prioritize a seamless experience. Proactive communication fosters an efficient, engaged and energy-conscious community.

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Data Analytics and AI
Data Analytics and AI

Data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming the energy sector by enabling predictive insights, proactive

usage optimization, and intelligent pricing models. Elevate grid stability, elevate customer satisfaction, and reduce costs through cutting-edge analytics and AI applications.

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Powered by AI/ML

Delivering the Business

of Connected Experiences

SEW integrates the power of AI and ML with cutting-edge mobile and digital engagement technologies to offer intelligent and adaptive connected experiences. Our cloud-based digital platforms help energy retailers redefine customer experience, providing a distinct digital edge to energy retailers. Experience energy flexibility, seamless interactions, and intelligent insights through our value-added services, creating connected and interactive energy experiences.


Increase in Energy Solutions Adoption


Increase in Customer Savings


Reduction in Cost-to-Serve

Finding the Missing Piece of the Puzzle

In the Spotlight

Finding the Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Uncover the secrets to a joyful, pride-filled, and empowered journey towards sustainability. This blog explores how digital platforms, fueled by cutting-edge tech and human connection, are driving a personal and impactful sustainability revolution.

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Powered by #1 SmartWX Platform

Revolutionizing Workforce Management for Energy Retailers

Experience the future of energy retailing with our Digital SmartWX Platform, built with AI. We empower energy retailers by deploying cutting-edge solutions, automating crucial processes, and elevating standards in service management. Through our interconnected platforms, we drive operational efficiency, redefine service delivery, and consistently achieve exceptional overall performance.


Automated Service Workflows and Scheduling


Increase in On-Time Service Arrivals


Reduction in Workforce Incidents

Customer Experience

Making of a Modern Utility – Mobile and Digital CX Platforms for a Leading Utility

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Smart Communication

Scaling Smart Communications and 24x7 Service for a Leading Energy Provider

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Workforce Management

Digitizing Field Workforce Management With An Integrated WX Platform For An Electric Provider

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Powered by SmartIX

Intelligent Solutions for Energy Retail Optimization

Our platform empowers energy retailers to uncover valuable insights from diverse data streams, automating pivotal business processes. Unlock the true potential of your energy services with powerful AI/ML/IoT analytics. strategically optimizing your approach, creating a sustainable, intelligent, and future-ready retail energy management landscape.