Demand Response

Optimize Energy Supply and Demand During Peak Hours​

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Amping Up Demand Response with Digital Platforms

Our Demand Response services encourages customers to play a significant role in the operations of the electric grid by reducing or shifting their electricity usage during peak periods in response to time-based rates or financial incentives.

  • Manual and automated Demand Response event created by analyzing customer usage data
  • Create and manage multiple programs, for different customer segments
  • A rich, dashboard view of reports enabling energy providers to track, monitor and analyze event participation and the performance of each Demand Response event
  • Manage the performance of the electric grid and deal with peak demand-supply issues
  • Appliances wise consumption monitoring and control using smart thermostats to optimize energy consumption
  • A detailed report of energy saved vs cost savings for customers to analyze and understand the relevance of these programs

Platform Benefits

  • Improve Service Reliability and Efficiency of Utility Operations
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Better Manage Electric Demand-Supply
  • Enhance Utility-Customer Relationship