Accelerating and Innovating Digital Billing and Payments for Utilities

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Adding to a Trusted and Win-Win Relationship

Utility customers get notified to pay their bills. If they have issues, they get in touch. They enroll for autopay and paperless billing; they make timely payments. Is this all for utility billing and payments? Absolutely not! Digital platforms are revolutionizing billing and payments.

Now with SEW platforms you simplify ebilling and experience seamless and secure payment transactions, while building operational excellence and delivering superior experiences. Streamline collection, leverage multichannel communication channels, understand customer behaviour with AL/ML Analytics, and more with an automated, configurable, and scalable platform that provides seamless integration, rich user interface, and world class performance

  • Notifications and Reports
  • ebilling
  • Multi-Channel Payments
  • Real time Payment Processing
  • Seamless Integration
  • Regulations and Compliance

Comprehensive Billing Platform

Now, give customers choice and control to view and adopt multiple billing options with digital self-service platform

  • Electronic Bill Presentment   with scheduled payments
  • Smooth up’s & downs of monthly bills by Level Pay
  • Connected journey with billing history, future projections, Ways to save with personalized offers and rate plan advice
  • Paperless Billing and Adoption
  • Intelligent alerts & notifications with 24*7 support

Ensuring Payment Modernization

Breaking the silos and reimagining customer’s payment experience

  • Personalized payment preferences
  • Set-up or update auto payments for multiple accounts
  • Comprehensive payment channels including mobile and web payments, kiosks, digital wallets, ACH/echeck, debit and credit cards
  • Allow payment extensions, build custom payment arrangements, extending financial aid to customers
  • Real time payment processing with 24/7 support services, Secure and Complaint
  • Comprehensive and Intuitive Payment Dashboard

Multi-channel Payment Platform

Accept every payment and delight every customer with platform that supports multiple payment methods with industry's best success rates.

Mobile & Web Payments
Debit and Credit Card
Text to Pay Payment
Payment Kiosks
ACH / e-check
Payment Wallets
(Apple /Google/Samsung Pay/
Amazon/ Paypal…)
Alexa and Google Assistant

Intelligent Alerts & Notifications

Giving customers choice and control over how, when, and where they receive billing and payment alerts - Communications that were never this simple and easy!

Chatbot/ Live Chat
Alexa or Google Home
Push Notifications

The Utility Advantage

Businesses need strategic partners that offer the right mix of expertise, technology, tools, and data to weather uncertainty and achieve growth potential.

Enhancing Critical Services

Build long term customer value as you streamline revenues and collections

Streamlining Customer Experience

Enhance customer experience while making digital self service easy

Enhance Utility-Customer Relationship

Understand your customer needs and proactively meet their demands