Billing and Payment

Simplifying Digital Billing and Payments for Utilities with Industry’s Best Platforms

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Industry's Best Platforms to Simplify Utility Billing and Payments

Experience seamless and secure payment transactions with the best-in-class billing and payment platform. Streamline collection, manage billing, leverage multichannel communication channels, understand customer behaviour with AL/ML Analytics, and more with an automated, configurable, and scalable platform that provides seamless integration, rich user interface, and world class performance, while simplifying billing and payments for utilities and customers alike.

  • Electronic Bill Presentment with scheduled payments, level pay, one-time payments and more for end customers
  • Notification and Alerts across channels of choice including Chatbots, IVR, Text, email etc.
  • Comprehensive payment channels including mobile and web payments, kiosks, digital wallets, ACH/echeck, debit and credit cards
  • Real time payment processing with 24/7 support services
  • Connected journey with billing history, future projections, ways to save with personalized offers and rate plan advice
  • Allow payment extensions, build custom payment arrangements, extend financial aid to customers

Platform Benefits

  • Encourage Paperless Billing Adoption
  • Reduce Call Volumes
  • Drive Customer Satisfaction
  • Deliver Digital Self Service