Smart Damage Assessment

Proactive and Predictive Assessment of Emergency Events for Reliable Service Delivery

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Leverage Predictive Damage Assessment Platform to Enhance Service Reliability

Predicting a service disruption, understanding the severity, and responding to an emergency event can be challenging for a utility. Leverage SEW’s Smart Damage Assessment platform to efficiently capture data, automate the operational processes, and provide field workforce and back-office staff with advanced situation awareness for damage assessment and immediate service restoration.

  • Aggregate data from the field, create work orders, schedule and dispatch workers to fasten the damage restoration process
  • Optimize field workforce assignment based on accurate identification of damage types
  • Ensure seamless communication with field workers via mobile app and web-based application to make immediate, informed decisions on a restoration plan.
  • Be connected even when offline for improved information transparency
  • Leverage pre-built and customizable templates of damage assessment surveys for efficient data capturing
  • Build connected customer-workforce experiences by streamlining outage restoration information
  • Enable live data validation for error-free data collection
  • Determine crew locations in real-time to optimize restoration strategy
  • Leverage interactive dashboards to identify outage event, manage assessment for a proactive response
  • AI/ML powered damage and restoration reporting and analytics for comprehensive damage assessment in utility service area
  • Allow seamless integration with utility back-office systems and third-party software applications

Platform Benefits

  • Faster Service Restoration
  • Improved Estimated Restoration Times
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency
  • Streamlined Work Order Management
  • Enhanced Worker Safety
  • Reduced Service Cost
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Multi-device Support Customized for User Experience