Low Income

Energy Assistance for Low Income Households, Delivered with Care

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Utility Services Meets Empathy and Care

Leverage our offerings for delivering a range of energy assistance initiatives to low-income households, with the added advantage of digital and lend a helping hand to the deserving.

  • Identify and help the low-income households with their home energy bills, digitally
  • Craft personalized low income assistance programs and rebates, with strict regulatory compliance. Plus, fulfill energy pledges delivered via agencies
  • Engage low income applicants digitally and shorten the application to reimbursement lifecycle
  • Precise application processing and eligibility determination delivered with compassion and care
  • Leverage real-time participation data for program optimization and increased enrollment
  • Proactively communicate and educate on tips to increase energy savings

Platform Benefits

  • Bill Assistance to the Deserving
  • Simplified Program Enrollment
  • Increased Program Participation
  • Deliver Digital Self-Service