Smart Service Management

Managing Utility Services Now Easier with Digital Platforms

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Laying Down the Path to Customer Service Excellence with Digital Innovation

With SEW’s Smart Service Management Platform, utility providers can deliver and manage services in a digital-first world. The platform helps utilities empower their customers with service request capabilities, modernize their internal operations, ensure faster resolutions, provide real-time status visibility, and optimize productivity, cost and resilience with a single digital platform.

Leverage our platform and redefine customer service delivery experiences, while enhancing brand loyalty and increasing customer lifetime value.

  • Empower customers with 24x7 digital self-service and one-click options to start, stop or transfer services
  • Enable digital service management for all customer personas with easy-to-use web and mobile interfaces
  • Deliver access to customers on real-time service request updates
  • Offer multi-channel communication experience for optimal response to customer queries
  • Facilitate accurate location tracking of field workers by customers
  • Provide customer service agents with end-to-end case management and 360-degree customer view in a single digital platform
  • Deliver deeper insights and service capabilities powered by AI/ML
  • Enable order management, execution planning, and scheduling of service orders
  • Allow vendor-agnostic third-party integration experience
  • Ensure 100% adherence to regulatory and compliance processes

Platform Benefits

  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase Cost Savings & Service Revenue
  • Reduce Customer Service Cost
  • Drive Digital Self Service
  • Reduce Call Center Call Volumes
  • Continuously Improve Customer Care Processes