Smart Energy Disaggregation

Intelligent Way to Optimize Energy Use and Building Superior Customer Engagement

Powered by AI/ML/IoT

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Energy Savings Powered By SEW's Digital CX Platform

SEW’s Digital Customer Experience (CX) Platform offers advanced energy disaggregation capabilities to utility customers down to the individual appliance level. Built on AI/ML foundation, the platform detects and extracts valuable user consumption data and converts them into intelligent insights.

The platform analyses home energy data to discern how much energy is used for heating, cooling, lighting, etc., which in turn help utilities better forecast demand and provide customers with more ways to save energy.

Disaggregation for Utility Customers

  • Appliance Level Disaggregation
  • Behavioral Driven Energy Efficiency
  • Time of Use Analysis
  • Hyper-Personalization Engine

Disaggregation for Energy Providers

  • Analytics for Grid Planning
  • Predict Load Balance
  • Increase Customer Peak Demand Saving
  • Precise Program Targeting

Redefining Customer Experience by Optimizing Energy Usage

Allow your customers to make better, informed decisions on their energy usage and offer
personalized recommendations for energy efficiency upgrades.

  • Powerful Disaggregation approach to extract end-use and/or appliance-level data for customer’s view
  • Customers can analyze prerecorded, historical consumption data in addition to real-time usage insights
  • Real-time tracking of appliance-level energy consumption and customers can also identify appliances that could participate in demand response
  • Identify potential equipment malfunction before deterioration, detect leak, loss, and theft anomalies
  • Personalized and dynamic Home Energy Reports (HERs) to millions of energy customers
  • Obtain real-time charging data for EVs and solar PV to optimize one’s own consumption and utilization
  • Integrated with digital marketplace for energy efficiency purchases and home automation
  • Empower customers with intelligent insights gathered from Peer Comparison, Surveys, and Audits
  • Energy Disaggregation that supports 5 Star customer engagement, smart grid planning, distributed energy resources (DERs) and electric vehicle (EV) management and more

Designed for the Utilities to Celebrate Energy Efficiency Efforts and Drive 5-Star Customer Experience

A platform aimed to improve consumer engagement by providing detailed customer energy usage analytics, survey and audit reports for segmented customer groups and much more.

  • Understanding of load disaggregation at the time-of-use (TOU) helping utilities to better manage customer’s energy needs
  • Reduce call centre traffic by Intelligent Disaggregation model helps obtain a comprehensive view of customer profile and energy use offering more details in consumption and billing on across communication channels
  • Knowing customer’s appliance level energy consumption, utilities can send actionable insights with personalized tips and recommendations to help customer reduce energy usage.
  • With the disaggregation model, utilities can better understand customer’s demand-side management of EV chargers and time of use demand response
  • Utility can automate and enrich load research with a full view of end uses, customer and rate types, and load curves
  • Disaggregation helps incorporate the presence of EV and solar assets to understand trends and potential of customer’s appliance adoption, load shifting, DERs, and electrification.
  • Intelligent Reports and Supported by intelligent reports and dashboards built on behavioral science prashboards built on behavioural science principles to create personalized Energy Savings and Rebate programs for different customer segments
  • Reduce call center traffic by offering more details in consumption and billing on across communication channels
  • With the AI/ML technology, utilities can now better understand customer behavior and improve capacity planning
  • Send omnichannel proactive notifications for high usage, budget, breakdown and more across channels such as email, push, IVR, chatbot, text etc.
  • Send powerful and contextual messaging, personalized to customer segments, inclusive of appliance alerts, rate plan recommendations, TOU alerts, high usage etc.
  • Build behavioral energy efficiency and leverage SEW’s savings program recommendations powered by disaggregation results

Built by Data Science and utility industry experts, who understand the future of energy and provide best-in-class solutions.

Platform Benefits

  • Better Understand Customer’s Usage Behavior
  • Improve load and grid planning
  • Break discrete energy loads within homes or businesses
  • Become Trusted Energy Advisor
  • Build Behavioral Energy Efficiency
  • Increase customer savings
  • Identify and locate appliance inefficiencies and predict equipment failures
  • Improve customer satisfaction and experience