Smart Messaging

Intelligent Customer Service with AI-Powered Smart Chatbots and Virtual Assistants​

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Chatbots and Virtual Agents Now Make Communication, Intelligent

Give more power to your customers with friction-less communication options. Our smart chatbot, virtual agents and live chats services helps energy and water providers establish deeper and stronger customer relationships and drive digital self service.

  • Setup automated workflows to attend customers’ frequently asked queries ranging from billing, outages to service request updates
  • Leverage the power of Advanced AI, NLP, and ML to process data and deliver responses to all customer requests, 24/7
  • Engage customers anytime during their journey with minimal human intervention and drive digital adoption
  • Save costs by reducing outbound calls and significantly improve customer service delivery
  • Streamline utility operations and deliver personalized services across text, IVR, emails, chatbot, push notifications etc
  • Free up customer service representatives’ bandwidth to focus on more complex tasks and reduce the load of routine queries

Platform Benefits

  • Superior Customer Communications
  • Data Driven Accurate Responses
  • Improved Customer Service Delivery
  • Faster Query Resolution with 24/7 service