Industry’s #1 SMART iX Platform (Intelligent Experience)

Building Intelligent Energy and Water Experiences

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Smart iX

Smart iX is an AI and ML-driven analytics platform that empowers energy and water providers to discover customer and workforce insights across multiple data streams. Smart iX helps in automation of business processes with an in-depth analysis of data sets, specific to business use cases, to build intelligence by leveraging AI, ML, and IoT.

  • Achieve Operational Excellence

    Aggregate and analyze data in real-time to eliminate inefficiencies and streamline utility operations

  • Augment Sustainability Efforts

    Leverage behavioral insights and move closer to ensuring energy efficiency and water conservation

  • Customer and Workforce AI

    Predictive behavioral analytics integrated with customer and workforce AI

Energy and Water Analytics

Rich energy efficiency and water conservation analytics, packed with reports on high usage, demand response, peak load management, leakages, complaints and violations, and much more.

  • Program Management ​
  • Usage Analytics
  • DR Analytics ​
  • Leak Analytics​

Customer Behavioral Analytics

360-degree view of customers' behavior, facilitating micro-segmentation for effective customer and workforce engagement.

  • Micro Segmentation ​
  • Behavioral Reports
  • Personalized Data Analytics ​
  • Predictive Insights

In-Built IoT and AI Use Cases

Powerful IoT enabled use cases in customer service operations, outage management, asset performance, program management embedded with AI and business specific journeys.

  • Peak Load Management​​
  • Smart Home Management​​
  • Asset Performance​​
  • Embedded AI and Customer Journeys ​​

Complaints and Violations

Define usage thresholds to curtail violations and also proactively track & manage customer complaints.

  • Management complaints and violation
  • Field Investigation 
  • Customer Notification
  • Regulatory Compliance​​

Program and Rebate Management

Intelligently offer saving programs and rebates to customers, backed by data, to ensure maximum enrollment.

  • Program Enrollment​
  • Customer Savings​
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Program Performance ​​

The Smart iX Advantage

Leverage advanced analytics powered by AI/ML/IoT to build an intelligent enterprise. Now is the time to take full advantage of the industry's #1 platforms.

  • Achieve Conservation Targets
  • Monitor Program Effectiveness
  • Reduce Power Thefts & Water Leakages
  • Comprehensive Segment Reporting
  • Improve Energy & Water Use Efficiency