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Maximize Utilization and ROI with Smart Asset Management Platforms

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Smart Asset Management for Improved Efficiency, Safety, and Reliability

Assets are the backbone of the utility industry. Power stations, gas pipelines, water meters, electricity cables, substations – the list goes on. To maintain seamless operations, the utility field workforce requires effective asset management to maintain mission-critical equipment, aging infrastructure, smooth service delivery and ensure repair.

SEW’s Asset Management Platform brings a predictive and intelligent approach to fieldwork. The innovative platform improves the management of utility assets to increase equipment reliability, reduce unplanned outages, and maximize productivity. Additionally, it helps streamline maintenance, improve time management and drive down the operating costs of each asset.

  • Optimize asset lifecycle and enable field workers to access real-time asset data
  • Intelligently predict asset failures and take preventive steps to improve grid resilience
  • Capture asset performance data and streamline inspections with intelligent scheduling and dispatching capability
  • Modernize work order execution and management with the ability to link assets with work orders
  • Give field workers the right platforms and capabilities, available via native mobile app to conduct asset management
  • Generate intelligent reports around asset lifecycle and health with AI/ML-based analytics and insights
  • Implement calendar, event and condition-based predictive asset maintenance strategies
  • Deliver an integrated view of asset performance with GIS-enabled Asset Maps, Asset Hierarchy and Asset Task History
  • Improve governance and regulatory compliance within the organization
  • Build predictive maintenance programs and improve workforce productivity

Platform Benefits

  • Ensure Data-backed Asset Management
  • Maximize Asset Utilization
  • Improve ROI for Assets
  • Simplify Asset Record Maintenance
  • Enhance Operational Efficiency
  • Reduce Asset Downtime