Smart Vegetation Management

Reinventing Vegetation Management for Reliable and Resilient Service Delivery

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End-to-End Management for Improved Service Reliability and Efficient Operations

SEW’s Smart Vegetation Management Platform enables utilities to intelligently predict, plan, and prioritize vegetation management.

Leverage our AI/ML-powered predictive vegetation management platform, to modernize and prioritize your vegetation management program, assess risk, and improve the safety and reliability of your power network.

  • Deliver interactive dashboards to accurately view and manage vegetation growth in the utility service area
  • Streamline work order management leveraging predictive asset management capabilities to mitigate any potential risks
  • Empower field workforce with a mobile app to report, prioritize and execute from the field, digitizing end-to-end vegetation workflow
  • Facilitate intelligent, data-backed decision-making by combining weather, satellite, and IoT data with task prioritization and reporting capabilities
  • Allow real-time identification of risks using the data captured to enable swift response to any emergencies
  • Advanced analytics to deliver business intelligence and measurement of task completion for compliance and reliability
  • Enable AI-based data acquisition from multiple sources and processing, to reveal insights on asset conditions and vegetation growth in the field

Platform Benefits

  • Optimize Operational and Maintenance Costs
  • Improve Service Reliability
  • Reduce Revenue Loss from Outages
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase Operational Efficiency, Worker Safety and Asset Reliability
  • Ensure Compliance with Geography-specific Government Regulations