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Tech-En-Route – Removing Silos and Improving Connectivity from Customers to Field Workforce

The uberization of the service sector is now a reality. Utility customers demand to know the status updates on their service requests and maintain direct contact with the field personnel. To ensure operational efficiency and maximize performance, utilities also need visibility of the field workforce.

SEW’s Tech-En-Route Platform, with its advanced live tracking features and comprehensive functionalities, ensures everyone has the most up-to-date information, all in real-time, thereby building the best and connected customer-workforce experiences.

  • Facilitate GPS-enabled live tracking of the field personnel in response to customer requests
  • Connect customers with field workers in real-time. Provide map view with real time location updates, with accurate ETA, technician details, and an option to call the technician
  • Set off automatic alerts across channels such as email, text, push, chatbot, etc. for customers to stay in-the-know
  • Enhance performance metrics with GIS-integrated real-time tracking and insights into field-level activities
  • Establish control of late arrival and rescheduling situations. Empower the customer agents with right information to reschedule and dispatch field worker
  • Provide dashboards and reports to measure the health of field service operation
  • Make improvements such as optimize travel routes, improve maintenance schedules, and enhance the entire service chain

Platform Benefits

  • Deeper customer involvement with the service process
  • Adopt a customer-centric approach to operational processes
  • Boost productivity, safety, accuracy, and operational decisions in the field
  • Deliver real-time support and remove informational silos
  • Derive valuable trends and insights to identify bottlenecks
  • Deliver 5 Star connected experience to customers