Expanding Horizons: Unveiling SEW's Remarkable New Headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Expanding Horizons: Unveiling SEW's Remarkable New Headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada!

2023 started with a golden and energizing note- multiple acquisitions, strategic partnerships, global expansion, all ensued to meet our commitment to connect billions of people to save energy and water. We knew SEW needed to take off the runway and scale new heights. And in this exciting journey of SEW, I am thrilled to share some incredibly exciting news with all of you. SEW is expanding its horizons and taking a giant leap forward with the unveiling of our spectacular new headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. This momentous occasion marks a significant milestone in our journey and reflects our unwavering commitment to growth and excellence.

Our new SEW HQ, located in the vibrant south side of Summerlin, stands as a testament to our dedication to serving our clients and driving innovation in our energy and utility. This expansion goes beyond our existing workplace in Irvine, California, as we embrace new opportunities and open doors to further success.

At 10845 Griffith Peak Dr Ste 02-184, Las Vegas, NV 89135, our new headquarters embodies our vision for the future. It is not just a workplace; it is a haven of inspiration and innovation. Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty and scenic hiking trails, such as the renowned Red Rock Canyon, our team will find themselves immersed in an environment that nurtures their well-being and ignites their passion for excellence.

The city's vibrant energy, outstanding culinary scene, and exciting sports culture will offer endless opportunities for our team and clients to thrive.

This expansion is a promise of excellence and growth. It demonstrates our relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries and delivering outstanding results. Our new SEW HQ provides us with the infrastructure and resources necessary to elevate our services to new heights. It will serve as a hub for collaboration, innovation, and the implementation of cutting-edge platforms that meet and exceed our clients' evolving needs.

I want to express my gratitude to each and every one of my SEW family member for their dedication and hard work, which has made this expansion possible. It is because of your exceptional efforts that we continue to flourish and achieve new milestones. I am confident that our new headquarters in Las Vegas will serve as a catalyst for even greater success in the future.

Join me in celebrating this remarkable journey as we embark on a new chapter filled with limitless possibilities. Together, we will continue to revolutionize the industry and build a brighter future for SEW.

With great enthusiasm and gratitude,
Deepak Garg
CEO and Founder, SEW