Riding the Wave of AI Sustainable Energy: Bright Future of Utilities in Brighter Bharat

Published: March 5, 2024
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Bharat- A land of Billions. Billion Ideas. Billion Innovations. Billion Possibilities.

We know Bharat, known for its vibrant culture and diverse heritage, is a land of contrasts, where ancient traditions intersect with modern aspirations. Its vast landscapes, rich history, and entrepreneurial spirit make it a dynamic tapestry of innovation and opportunity.

But do you also know of Bharat, which is now undergoing a significant transformation in its energy landscape, at a much faster rate than many other developed economies? A nation that is continually innovating is set to dictate the future and set an example for the world to follow.

Some examples are –

To minimize and eliminate carbon emissions and foster sustainable energy sources, the Indian government has launched initiatives such as Vision India @2047 and NetZero by 2070. These efforts make it essential for the utilities in Bharat to be an integral part of this sustainable energy transition.

Marrying these initiatives with the digital age and AI, we would see a big bang revolution. How will Bharat learn, adapt, and manage its energy and water and make a big noise on a global scale?

Decoding five such digital age must-dos for Bharat

AI/ML: Empowering energy management and insights.

The rise of AI/ML has changed the utility industry dynamics. As these technologies evolve rapidly, they significantly enable newer avenues to enhance the people experience and drive workforce and utility operations. Leveraging the power of data and insights generated from energy consumption behavior, present and historical environmental and surrounding factors, and more, these technologies empower utilities to drive better energy management, optimize grid, and make informed decisions. Utilities must implement these technologies, complementing the platforms crafted for their customers and field workforce!

eMobility platforms: Driving Bharat towards clean transportation.

With the efforts to reduce carbon emissions and combat air pollution, eMobility, or electric vehicle adoption, is emerging as a promising solution in Bharat. EV sales are expected to touch eight crores by FY2030. However, the estimated charging station requirement is close to 39 lakhs! Considering the adoption and the opportunity at hand, it has become crucial for utilities to become a part of the eMobility revolution and establish EV infrastructure to make it a success. Leveraging eMobility platforms, including hardware and software, enables a connected EV experience and accelerates establishing an EV ecosystem!

Distributed Energy Resources (DERs): Empowering energy prosumers.

Technologies such as solar rooftops, wind turbines, energy storage systems, microgrids, and even EVs are considered DERs. Modern-day Bharat is calling out to smart and distributed renewable energy resources. With the government set to enforce new energy norms to ensure a part of electricity consumption comes from renewable energy sources, the utilities need to establish an ecosystem for the seamless interaction of these technologies, leveraging smart platforms. These platforms enable effective and smart distribution of energy.

Smart Meters: Enabling energy efficiency and consumer empowerment.

Smart Meters are emerging as a cornerstone to empower Bharat’s energy consumers with the transparency of energy consumption! While these digital meters enable real-time energy consumption monitoring, they facilitate two-way communication between utilities and customers, promote responsible consumption, and equip utilities with data such as consumption patterns and energy loss, helping them make informed decisions, making it a win-win for utilities and their customers! The government has installed nearly 99 lakh smart meters by 2023, and it plans to install 25 crore smart meters nationwide by 2025. The utilities must participate in this initiative and accelerate responsible energy consumption to enable and accelerate this significant jump!

Connected AI Platforms: End-to-end experience for the utility industry

Digital transformation is elevating the ways of working for utilities and consumer habits for customers! Bharat’s utility industry is on the path toward digital platform adoption – for elevated customer experience, efficient workforce, and smooth operations! While these platforms are super-effective, energy experiences can only be elevated by streamlining and connecting the entire ecosystem. These platforms create a seamless experience by connecting multiple stakeholders in the ecosystem – from customers to the workforce to the utilities.

Bharat’s journey towards sustainable energy is not just a vision but a tangible reality fueled by technological innovation, emerging policies, and a collective partnership of multiple stakeholders in the utility industry. As the nation marches towards a better future, the utilities in Bharat must embrace these emerging trends to foster a wholesome experience for customers, the workforce, and the nation itself.

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