Here’s a success story of a leading provider of water management services in the United Kingdom, which has been providing solutions to a diverse range of customers since 1994. As the water provider helped their growing consumer base meet corporate responsibility goals of water usage reduction, they needed to ensure their field service operations were exemplary.

Enter – Smart Mobile Workforce (SMW®)

This case study explores how SEW’s #1 Digital WX Platform helped the water provider to:

  • Automate the work order processes
  • Reduce the complexity of fieldwork assignments
  • Improve field worker engagement
  • Improve workforce productivity and operational efficiency
  • Enhance adaptability to scale platform capabilities
  • Enable third-party integrations


Download the case study and learn how by adopting SEW’s Digital WX Platform – Smart Mobile Workforce (SMW®), the water provider is empowering the field workers, effectively manage fieldworkers, intelligently handle data and automating field service processes.


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