Celebrating the Udbhav of Human + Artificial Intelligence and Passion to Transform the Global Energy and Water Industry

Celebrating the Udbhav of Human + Artificial Intelligence and Passion to Transform the Global Energy and Water Industry

Noida, India - SEW, a global leader in Energy & Water AI Cloud Platform, is proud to announce the inauguration of its Global Energy Tech AI Innovation Hub in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. This milestone marks a significant leap forward in scaling operations and demonstrates SEW's commitment to driving innovation, powered by AI in energy efficiency, sustainability, eMobility, and digital transformation.

With a focus on revolutionizing Customer Experience (CX) and Workforce Experience (WX) in the energy and utilities sector, SEW's innovative cloud platforms leverage AI, ML, and IoT Analytics to empower energy and water providers, worldwide. The new SEW Tech AI and Innovation Hub will serve as a centre for research, product development, engineering, and collaboration, driving the next wave of technological advancements in energy management, water conservation, and eMobility.

Reflecting on SEW's journey, Deepak Garg, CEO and Founder, SEW added, "More than a decade ago, we set out with a clear vision for SEW – 'Global Sustainability’ by educating, empowering, and engaging billions of people with tech platform. Fast-forward to today, SEW, with its digital platforms, has connected 1.2 Billion+ people to make possible the almost unimaginable 10+ year-old idea of energy and water security."

"At SEW Energy Tech AI and Innovation Hub in Noida, SEW is not just innovating, enhancing and developing AI products; SEW is shaping the future of sustainable , clean and affordable energy and water management. Through the deep vertical integration of AI and digital platforms, SEW is pioneering AI platforms that will drive positive environmental impact and empower communities worldwide. This hub exemplifies SEW's commitment to AI innovation and collaboration, marking an important milestone in SEW's journey towards a brighter future. With great growth potential and a steadfast dedication to creating innovative AI platforms, I am confident that the groundbreaking work undertaken here will inspire transformative change in the industry, propelling us towards a world of limitless possibilities." Said Manoj Kohli, ex-Country Head Softbank India.

The SEW Energy Tech AI and Innovation Hub will be a key growth driver and build an ecosystem that fosters innovation in global energy and water industry. The aim is to:

  • Business Expansion in India: SEW aims to expand its operations in India and APAC, driving growth in the energy, water, and eMobility sectors.
  • Global Energy Tech AI and Innovation Hub: The establishment of a cutting-edge hub in Noida will drive innovation in energy efficiency, grid management, water conservation through AI and digital technologies.
  • Manufacturing Facilities for Global Chargers and Batteries: In alignment with India's push towards electric mobility, SEW plans to establish manufacturing facilities for global chargers and batteries, creating high-value tech manufacturing jobs in Noida.
  • Driving Global Investment: SEW seeks to attract global investment into Uttar Pradesh and India by showcasing the region's potential and SEW's track record of success in the energy and utilities sector.


“Our primary objective is to explore avenues for investing, expanding our business operations in India, leveraging our expertise in building AI digital platforms for energy, water, and eMobility sectors. The expansion is slated to drive significant growth in Uttar Pradesh to achieve USD 1+ Trillion state economy in the upcoming years by creating thousands of Technologies and related workforce employment with more then 10,000+ Thousand Core investment in coming years in UP. SEW AI hub will be a great catalyst to make UP state as #1 Energy Tech AI Center of Excellence with millions of tech jobs driving state GDP to top" said Deepak Garg, CEO and Founder of SEW.

The Energy Tech AI and Innovation Hub is designed and architected to reflect on the company values and culture. The spacious layout of the hub, characterized by open areas and uncluttered pathways, is strategically planned to promote interaction and teamwork among employees. These expansive spaces not only facilitate communication but also encourage spontaneous discussions and idea-sharing sessions, which are vital for driving innovation forward.

The modern and sleek design of the hub is intended to evoke a sense of energy and dynamism, inspiring teams to push boundaries and think outside the box. By creating an environment that is both visually stimulating and comfortable, SEW aims to spark creativity and empower individuals to explore new ideas without constraints.

In essence, the Tech AI and Innovation Hub serves not only as a workspace but also as a living embodiment of the company culture, values, and aspirations.

As SEW looks to the future, the company remains committed to extending its reach and impact, with a vision to connect 4+ Billions of people by 2027. Now employing more than 1500+ people, the company eyes at expanding the team across functions and hiring talented individuals who share the passion to share the future of energy and water with digital AI platforms.

At SEW's Energy Tech AI Innovation Hub in Noida, innovation is all set to take centre stage, driving transformative advancements in the energy and water industry. Through the integration of cutting-edge AI and digital platforms, the hub will be a catalyst for redefining product development, engineering, and delivery of platforms that optimize energy usage, enhance water conservation, and promote environmental sustainability. With a focus on collaborative ideation, agile development methodologies, and seamless delivery, the hub aims to spearhead a new era of technological innovation, empowering businesses, and communities to achieve their sustainability goals and redefine global energy, water, and eMobility industries.

SEW is also expanding its presence in southern India with new offices in Bangalore and Mysore. These new locations and state-of-the art offices will give talent access and compliment the company’s growth and ambitions.

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