Advancing E-Mobility with Innovative Digital Solutions

Digital solutions for energy savings
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Prepare for an EV-dominated future and accelerate electric vehicles adoption with our digital platforms. Our offerings equip energy and water providers, build superior customer experiences (CX), drive digital self service, and champion positive change.

Allow customers to better manage and control their electric vehicles, with energy consumption tracking and charging reminders

E-mobility for utilities by SEW

Ramp up the EV charging infrastructure by proactively anticipating customer demands in an area

E-mobility for utilities by SEW

Educate and incentivize customers to actively adopt Electric Vehicles and shift consumption to clean energy

E-mobility for utilities by SEW
E-mobility for utilities by SEW
E-mobility for utilities by SEW

Offer EV-specific rate plans and shift energy demand to off-peak hours via personalized programs to EV owners

E-mobility for utilities by SEW

Give customers the convenience of capturing the EV data and ease of locating the nearby charging stations, all with a single portal and app

E-mobility for utilities by SEW

Become a trusted energy advisor and guide customers throughout the process of EV ownership

Platform Benefits

Promote Energy mobility

Accelerate EV Adoption

Deliver Digital Self Service

Hassle-free EV Management and Ownership

Improve Program Enrollment

Drive Digital Self Service

Offer Energy Rebates

Promote Clean Energy