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Future of Field Service

Charting the Course of Digital Workforce Experiences for Utilities

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Decoding The Work Evolution

Progressive utilities are adopting a new model that’s decarbonized, decentralized, disaggregated, and digitized, putting people at the heart of their strategy. It may seem there are mountains to climb, but with challenges come opportunities.

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WX Blueprint for Utilities

Given the evolution in the utility tech stack and changes in the field workflows, we identify the building blocks of digital workforce experiences. These systems when transitioned to the digital alternatives will reveal hidden value and add to improvements in the utility bottom line.

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Build Connected Workforce Experiences

We are witnessing the need to build a resilient business model aggressively and innovatively. In this document, we follow the core of the WX transformation, the driving factors, and where WX is heading. We disintegrate a modern digital core and outline how utilities can tap into intelligent and connected technologies to provide the muscle and brain for advanced workforce management.

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