Second to None

Second to None

Why Customer Collaboration is Key for Achieving Sustainability and the Practical Ways to Build Deep Customer Partnerships

We’re all working toward building a sustainable future – across industries, geographies and governments. Especially, the utility sector which has made significant headways in renewable energy and grid modernization. They have set aggressive targets for creating a decarbonized, zero-emissions future. While the progress made so far is impressive, the industry is still a work in progress when it comes to establishing the most critical partnership for achieving net zero – partnership with the customers.

The word ‘Partnership’ is so essential in the energy and water sector today as this is what will drive our collective abilities to achieve climate goals as we advance. It’s not a matter of IF we reach them, but a fact that we MUST. How can energy and water providers build customer partnerships as part of their decarbonization and net zero goals?

Creating customer partnerships for energy and water providers means connecting with customers in ways that work for them as part of their daily lives at home and at work. The core step is establishing that deep digital connection. With further technological advancements, this digital connection is becoming more and more through channels such as mobile phones and apps.

If creating the customer partnership is the first step, the crucial step two is creating value to sustain the partnership. This is the area where energy and water providers struggle the most. But this is also where many forward-thinking utilities are already taking strategic actions, setting benchmarks and advancing the customer experience. Here are some ways utilities can establish value-added collaborations with customers:

  • Personalized Information & Insights – Provide energy and water information to customers in intuitive formats and present personalized actionable steps that assist customers on how to utilize their energy and water usage. Utilities can even offer automated steps customized per the needs and behavior of the customers to make them true partners in the net-zero journey.
  • Energy & Water Disaggregation – Allow customers to access a complete and intelligent breakdown of their energy and water usage by appliances in their homes. Doing so enables utilities to better forecast energy and water demands and helps customers understand their consumption patterns. This can be supplemented by offering suggestions and recommendations to nurture energy-water conservative behavior.
  • Easy & Secure Billing & Payment Options – Offer customers a view of their projected usage and bill amounts during a month before a billing cycle ends. Provide them with multiple ways to pay their utility bill based on their payment mode preferences. Empower customers with financial aid and personalized rebates to allow cost savings and community support.
  • Participation in Conservation Programs – Encourage customers to participate in energy management programs and initiatives such as time-of-use (TOU) programs. A TOU program could offer reduced rates to customers for charging their electric vehicle (EV) at night or during off-peak hours. By shifting electric usage to times when costs are less, and demand is down, customers can lower their bills and support a healthier environment.
  • One-stop Digital Platform – The ability to provide overall energy management from integrating a customer’s rooftop solar panels and EV home energy charging systems to integrating their battery storage usage in concert with the rates and programs the customers are enrolled in. This allows the customers and the utility to utilize the energy used and reduce its overall cost.

It is an important and exciting time for energy and water providers. And the move towards digital experiences is critical to building partnerships with customers to achieve our climate goals.

Together with energy and water providers, we are on a mission to engage, empower and educate billions of people, and build a sustainable tomorrow. Our innovative digital solutions are helping increase conservation efforts, and address the challenges of global sustainability. To learn more, reach us at [email protected].