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Chief Technology / Product Officer (CTO/CPO)

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Smart Energy Water Inc.(SEW) is the leading Cloud based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for the Energy and Utility sectors delivering award winning Customer Engagement, Mobile Workforce, Demand Response, Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, Smart Homes and Smart Cities applications company based in Irvine, California, USA.

SEW has expanded to Canada and they are looking for a Chief Technology / Product Officer to lead their operations.


The Chief Technology / Product Officer (CTO/CPO) is a Business and Technology Product Officer who must be a visionary and an avid evangelist of the product as well as a great leader and supervisor.


  • Leadership: The most prominent function of the CTO/CPO is to head the entire Product Management department from technical and business capabilities. He plays a supervisory role to the key product management officer such as the: Director of Product Management, Director of UX, Head of Product Analytics, and Director of Product Marketing. The CTO/CPO ensures that these key roles are being executed in the most efficient way possible, leading to the overall efficiency of the Product Management Department.
  • Vision and Strategy: The CTO/CPO is responsible for the formulation of the Product Management Department’s vision and impart that vision to every sub-department and employee in the department. The CTO/CPO ensures that every sub-department is led by a unified and cohesive vision. The CTO/CPO is responsible for the identification of target consumer segments and markets. He plays a leading role in evaluating market trends, product industry, and competition strategies and provides recommendations on product pricing and positioning to junior product management officers. He reviews, refines, and supports product sales strategies by junior product management personnel.
  • Research and Analysis: As the head of the entire product division, the CTO/CPO is expected to critic, refine, and make further recommendations on researches and analyses conducted by junior product management personnel in the field of Energy and Water. The CTO/CPO conducts and performs various product analyses to: establish product differentiation and execution strategies to ensure the product’s ultimate success and be able to make an informed decision on issues such as cost, utility, and timelines for product implementations.
  • Marketing and Evangelism: As the head of the Product department, the CTO/CPO plays a lead role in marketing the product. The CTO/CPO acts as the lead evangelist for the business’ product leveraging the input of Product Marketing and Communications departments. In his marketing endeavors, the CTO/CPO will meet and interact directly with current and prospective consumers in an effort to relay to them the product’s value and benefits while simultaneously sourcing feedback and assessing their reception and experience with the product.


  • The responsibilities of the CTO/CPO include: product vision, product strategy, product design, product engineering and development, and product marketing. Similarly, the CTO/CPO must display strong influence in the development, engineering, delivery, marketing, support, and customer service departments.
  • The CTO/CPO essentially oversees every element of the product from its conceptualization to its launch and post-launch performance. The CTO/CPO is responsible for the building of a great product that provides sustainable value in terms of revenue and profit for the business.
  • The CTO/CPO leads the transformation of product ideas from inception and provide actionable concepts, timelines and projects while maintaining budget and financial considerations, marketing needs and overall objectives of the business.
  • The CTO/CPO creates and manages processes for a scalable product portfolio to promote product profitability. Is responsible for continuous product improvement to ensure the product is in compliance with market standards and continuously and consistently delights the consumers.
  • The CTO/CPO coordinates the functions of product design, product maintenance and product improvement to ensure the product resonates with the consumers boosting product appeal to increase sales volumes.
  • The CTO/CPO attends and spearheads local and international marketing communications, conferences and other marketing opportunities to promote the company’s products and get real feedback from consumers.


  • Education: A candidate for the position of CTO/CPO must have a Bachelor’s in degree in Computer, Electronics or Communications Engineering.
  • Experience: A CTO/CPO must have more than 15 years’ work experience as the Head of Product Management in a complex business setting building highly scalable and performance drive web and mobile application platforms. A suitable candidate will also have diverse experience in the fields of product marketing, management, and communications. The CTO/CPO will also have experience resolving daily internal and external problems and challenges in product management positions that affect a product’s financial and market success.
  • Software & Technology: The CTO/CPO must have hands on current technical experience and in-depth knowledge of .NET, SAP, Oracle, DB, AI/ML/ IOT Databases. Must be proficient in the use of computer software programming languages like ASP/VB.NET, Java Scripts, SAP/ABAP etc. Previous work experience on: end to product architecture and multiple integration frameworks to ensure product will be pre-integrated with industry leading technology platform. Be able to prepare presentations using the latest software and technology that are verbally and visually engaging, sparking an audience’s interest, curiosity, and attention.
  • Energy & Water Industry Knowledge: CTO/CPO must have 15+ extensive knowledge of Energy and Water industry from transmission and distribution, Smart Grid, Customer Service, Energy Efficiency, Distributed Energy Resources and Physical and Cyber Security.
  • Communication: It is an absolute necessity for the CTO/CPO to possess great verbal and written communication skills. The CTO/CPO makes numerous presentations to the business’s stakeholders reporting on various aspects of the product’s development, from marketing, research, analytics, management, and profitability.
  • Leadership Skills: The CTO/CPO needs to demonstrate a rich blend of analytical, creative, and strategic talents to earn the confidence of the stakeholders, external partners and employees of the company. The CTO/CPO must have the ability to effectively communicate, motivate, and inspire cross-functional teams with professionalism and clarity.
  • Problem Solving Skills: The CTO/CPO possess superior problem-solving skills to address and resolve conflicts or complications in the product management department, enabling a smooth performance of functions and a reduction of delays. Essentially, the CTO/CPO will need to have a seemingly supernatural ability to make things happen around him.
  • Analytical skills: The CTO/CPO must have exceptional analytical skills that will be necessary for driving a successful product management department and lead the business and product to the achievement of its financial goals. The CTO/CPO will need to be able define and analyze numerous product metrics and know when and how to apply each in order to influence the success of the product. The CTO/CPO is a strategic thinker with a good eye for spotting and identifying opportunities.


  • The CTO/CPO will be based at SEW’s Canada Head Office located at: Suite 5100, 150-6 Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 3Y7
  • The CTO/CPO’s compensation package includes: annual salary of $225,000.00 plus bonus and benefits.
  • To ensure the success of the Canada venture, this is a permanent full-time position.